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英1843 magazinに写真を掲載して頂きました!雨の渋谷スクランブル交差点。JNTO/VisitJapanJP/東京カメラ部


My pic(rainy Shibuya crossing) was published 1843 magazine! Thank you!

I checked it in the app version, but it seems that the magazine version will be also released.


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The trigger is my pic featured by JNTO’s instagram accoun


今回の件のきっかけは日本政府観光局(JNTO)の広告展開や運用を東京カメラ部が行っていて(という事だと思う…)、それ用の@visitjapanjp インスタグラムアカウントでフューチャーされたのが始まり。

“Shibuyacrossing at rainy night” photo was featured by official IG account of JNTO(Japan National Tourism Organization) #visitjapanjp on Instagram





1843 magazine とは?


1843 (magazine)
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1843 (formerly Intelligent Life) is a bi-monthly cultural magazine published by the Economist Group.

It was launched under the title Intelligent Life in September 2007 as a quarterly publication, having previously been a summer annual and describes its coverage as “the arts, style, food, wine, cars, travel and anything else under the sun, as long as it’s interesting”.





From My Umbrellaという傘越しの渋谷の夜の街シリーズは、まさにそこら辺意識してアップしてるので何かあればお気軽にご連絡下さい。もちろん撮影依頼も歓迎です。


My theme : View “From My Umbrella”
Your vision through my umbrella. I hope it makes you feel like you are in Japan, standing on the streets of Tokyo


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2017ベスト9!おんなじ様な写真ばっか 笑 My #bestnine2017 !!Thanks for your likes and support all my friends & followers!! Which photo do you like the best?🤔My best impressive shot is middle center photo. This type shot is my photo series, view "From My Umbrella"☔️ Your vision through my umbrella. I hope it makes you feel like you are in Japan, standing on the streets of Tokyo👍 1⃣📷 #2017bestnine 3/9 #FromMyUmbrella 7/9 #RainyNight 7/9 #Shibuya 2/9 #shinjuku 7/9 #RicohGR 2/9 #Canon70D 2⃣📷 #2016bestnine 2016は割とバリエーション豊か 笑 3⃣🎞️ 2017insigt ——————- Follower:4193 Men 67% | Women 33% | Ages 25-34 ——————- Top Like:1414 ——————- Top location of city 1: #Berlin 🙌EyeEmers?🤔🙏 2: #HongKong 🤔 3: #港区 🤔 ——————- Top location of country ——————- 1: #Japan 🇯🇵 2: #USA 🇺🇸 3: #Germany 🇩🇪 ——————- I'm selling all photos as #Stockphotography on @EyeEm and some photos on @Gettyimages / @500px And I made goods(prints/wall art/iPhone cases/clock/stationery/etc) by some my pics on @society6 and @redbubble .you can buy it;) Check this out at each sites If you like my pics;) 🔎Search "kt_pics" or "koukichi" > #EyeEm #Gettyimages #500px #Society6 #Redbubble #Shibuyascapes ◀🚶🌃🇯🇵 #Tokyolife #TokyoTokyoOldmeetsNew #YouMakeShibuya #Bye2017 #umbrellas #japan_visit

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買う理由は雰囲気が9割 ~最強のインフルエンサーマーケティング~

いいね ! しよう

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写真で振り返り!神々しい金の目黒川「クリスマスイルミネーション 中目黒 2016」Nakameguro 青の洞窟中止の末、2016年にゴールドで復活
Look back memories by photos! Meguro River of Gold “Christmas illuminati…
I'm selling this on EyeEm   Look back memories by photos! Meguro River of Gold "C

モノクロ 女性の後ろ姿 中目黒 目黒川

For editors/writers.Need inspirations? I’ll give it to you by my photography;) …
Hi editors and writers around the world!If you need inspiration.I’ll give it to you by my photogra

インスタに渋谷スクランブル交差点を疾走する自転車写真をアップ!I posted photograph to Instagram that bycicle crossing Shibuyacrossing,Tokyo,Japan
インスタグラムに渋谷スクランブル交差点を疾走する自転車写真をアップ!I posted ph…
I'm selling this on EyeEm  投稿してなかったので振り返り記事。インスタグラムに渋谷スクランブル交差点を疾走する自転車写真をアップしました!

Osmo Pocket実写レビュー。パノラマ3×3モードで写真を色んな場所で撮影してみた。渋…
動画:Osmo Pocketパノラマ写真のかんじOsmo Pocket( https://amzn.to/2FaQ3g4 )のパノラマ撮影モードっていうのが気に入っててよく撮影してる。ミスショットなん

iPhoneタイムラプス動画撮影 「雨の渋谷スクランブル交差点」 + Adobe Lightroomで現像+After Effects iPhone Time-lapse movie Shibuyascapes at rainy night that edit by using Adobe Lightroom & After Effects.
iPhone Time-lapse movie “Shibuyascapes at rainy night” that edit by…
 iPhone Time-lapse movie "Shibuyascapes at rainy night" that edit by using Adobe Lightroom