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Instagram rolled out Support small business sticker Instagram New features updates Latest news May 12 2020


Instagram is announcing new features related coronavirus /Stay Home. This time, a new sticker was launched. That names “Support Small Business”


How to use suppose small business sticker ?

How to post story with New Support Small Business Sticker

Support Small Business The use of stamps is very simple.

Just like the other stamps, the stamp at the top of the Instagram Story posting screen just tap to place it.

By tapping after put, it is possible to switch to the display of two patterns. It’s visually appealing to have a version that displays three photos from user’s profile.

The subject posted a photography account as a test, I think that it will be an image that dishes are lined up in 3 photos at a restaurant, for example.

For the purpose I saw, I also got the impression that it is similar to the share professional stamp that was talked about the other day.



What is the Instagram “Support Small Business” Sticker? What happens when a viewer taps it?

When the viewer taps the stamp “Instant for the shop” on Instagram, a window is displayed below, and items such as the new features “Order food (order food)” and “View profile” are displayed. I will.





Koukichi Takahashi @Koukichi_T

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