My “Night of Dogenzaka in Shibuya” photo was selected as one of winner for “Lonely Pranet Award” on “Tokyo Tokyo Photo Awards”!Record of the photo competition-winning/Results 2018

Diary 写真コンテスト受賞歴 Photo Competitions Shibuya

  東京都の写真コンテスト「Tokyo Tokyo Photo Awards」でLonely Planet賞受賞!…続きを読む

Countdown event of Shibuya again in 2018!looking back as photographs Halloween/Matsuri/Countdown 2017 in Shibuya.

Diary Area Tokyo Shibuya

I’m selling this on EyeEm   渋谷カウントダウンイベントは今年も開催!2017年渋谷区公式カウントダウン、ハロウィン、盆踊り大会など振り返り   「YOU MAK…続きを読む

My photo was selected and featured for “Best of #TokyoLife” of Instagram by CNN Sponsor content From Tokyo Metropolitan Goverment!

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I’m selling this on Gettyimages | EyeEm   My photo was selected for “Best of #TokyoLife&#8221…続きを読む