I posted to Instagram DJI Mimo feature “My Story”‘s Template “Fresh” Example.DJI Osmo Pocket review 2019

DJI DJI Osmo Pocket Instagram(インスタグラム) Web/Social media marketing iPhone/Android Apps Camera/Lens Product impression/Review

I posted made a video with DJI Mimo’s My stories DJI Mimo feature “My Story”‘s Templat…続きを読む

“Shibuyascapes in the morning” – Osmo Pocket & My Stories of DJI Mimo Review 2019

DJI DJI Osmo Pocket Camera/Lens Product impression/Review Shibuya

なんとなく作ってみたのでこちらにも。手軽に作れんのすごい   Shibuya in the morning. videos and photos taken with DJI Osmo Pocket / My …続きを読む