Instagram is preparing new feature that it will download(export) your user data and content .Instagram latest news

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インスタグラム Data Download機能が実装されたのでダウンロード方法、手順をまとめました。

インスタグラム データダウンロード新機能提供開始!写真、コメント、プロフィール情報などをDL取得。バックアップ/エクスポート?の方法と流れ。Instagram最新情報







Instagram is preparing new feature that it will download(export) your user data and content.Instagram latest news






Instagram 4 new features(possibly).Portrait shutter/Cinemagraph/Organize conversations/Download data.App/Marketing/Social media news





Instagram will let you download your content after criticism about portability


This tool could make it much easier for users to leave Instagram and go to a competing image social network. And as long as it launches before May 25th, it will help Instagram to comply with upcoming European GDPR privacy law that requires data portability.





We’re awaiting more info on whether you’ll only be able to download your photos, videos, and messages; or if you’ll also be able to export your following and follower lists, Likes, comments, Stories, and the captions you share with posts. It’s also unclear whether photos and videos will export in the full fidelity that they’re uploaded or displayed in, or whether they’ll be compressed.





Portability could facilitate the rise of legitimate competitors to Instagram, or at least let users back up their content on a image storage app or their own computer. But still, it’s Instagram’s social graph and the data it’s gathered about your interests that help it tune its algorithm to show you the most relevant posts. This personalization moat can leave rivals with similar features unable to provide a similar level of service.




If Instagram wanted to truly level the playing field, it would let you export your social graph in a privacy-safe format that would let users find and follow those same people on a different app. But the announcement of this data portability tool is a much needed first step to unlocking Instagram’s content vault.














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