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My 2 videos were selected for Featured Works | EyeEm Urban on EyeEm Videography !!



My 2 movies were selected for Featured Works | EyeEm Urban on EyeEm Videography !!


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*please search “kt_pics” at the page.



My video was selected for Featured Works when EyeEm Videography site opened.


動画素材が 「EyeEm Videography Collection | Featured Work」 に掲載されました!


Recently, EyeEm Video site created some categories and categories pages.
I checked a few days ago, EyeEm already had created categories of Aerial, Timelapse, Travel.and other categories still not opened.



so, I thought, my video may exclude when EyeEm creates an Urban category.
because other users video so amazing!

But I noticed it today that my 2 videos published for Featured Works of Urban category!

I really love EyeEm members works!

Actually, most of the video seems like one scene of cinema.
It’s an art…that rather than just a video, the expression that the Photo started to move is appropriate.

so I’m honorred that my videos featured EyeEm Videography.
Thank you so much!!






Koukichi Takahashi @Koukichi_T

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