New Photo Mission started on EyeEm!Place of Heart by Contrasto
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New Mission started on EyeEm by Contrasto!!


Detail Mission “Place of Heart

Album: “Place of Heart”



Your Mission

Many of us are familiar with the age old proverb, home is where the heart is, however how often do we reflect on where we truly feel safe and happy? In the wake of recent turmoil, we invite you to reflect on the various meanings of place of heart. For this mission, we’re partnering with Contrasto to help visualize the often strained and abstract concept of home and heart, just be sure to tag your photos with ‘Place of Heart’.

The Prize

The winning entries will be exhibited at Contrasto Galleria in Milan and featured online by EyeEm and Contrasto.


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Koukichi TakahashiTwitter常駐。ストックフォトグラファー/ブロガー。インスタグラム/Twitterを中心にSNSの新機能/アップデート最新情報を配信中!写真素材はEyeEm/Getty Images/イメージナビ/Adobe Stock/スナップマートなどで販売中です。その他各種製品本音レビュー掲載。Koukichi_T
Koukichi Takahashi Photography


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