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I sold art print “Shibuya crossing at rainy night” photography on Society6!Society6 earnings log.



wow!I sold art print “Shibuya crossing at rainy night” photography on Society6!

Thank you so much!!!






I feel I maybe this style popular because I sold same poster before.

This pic(this style edit & Shibuyacrossing at rainy night) a photograph that was says “looks like a film Biohazard4(Residence Evil) or a Blade Runner” many times on social media.
So It may be that a person like movie lovers like cyber punk or Sci-Fi bought it.

I’m happy because I feel who like buyer bought it through the old article of this blog this time;)


I just created goods as “Rainy Night at Shibuyacrossing” on Society6!Check this out if you want.




let me know if you buy my goods!;)


It was sold at Society6,so I think buyer is from overseas.
I would be happy if you tell me that “bought it!”.

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If you are no problem, I’d like to introduce it by blog,X(旧X(旧Twitter)), Story of Instagram:)





Goods creation request is also welcome


If you find a picture you like on Instagram, EyeEm, 500px orX(旧X(旧Twitter)) and etc(my social network&sites) you can contact me.I’ll make goods on photo goods creation service. Whether you actually buy or not buy, it is okay you decide when after you watch goods .
I’m pretty grateful for being a trigger as I make goods by your demand.



Also, please understand that it may be somewhat subtle depending on the combination of photos and goods LOL
(For example, if it is a smartphone cases, I have to fix it with a vertical composition(from landscape composition), so if I sometimes put it in practice it is not balanced… or I can’t creat some goods if it need more big size photo.)



check this out.Selling goods web service list is below:)




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