I just created goods as "Rainy Night at Shibuyacrossing" on Society6!Check this out if you want.


wow!I sold art print “Shibuya crossing at rainy night” photography on Society6!

Thank you so much!!!






I feel I maybe this style popular because I sold same poster before.

This pic(this style edit & Shibuyacrossing at rainy night) a photograph that was says “looks like a film Biohazard4(Residence Evil) or a Blade Runner” many times on social media.
So It may be that a person like movie lovers like cyber punk or Sci-Fi bought it.

I’m happy because I feel who like buyer bought it through the old article of this blog this time;)


I just created goods as “Rainy Night at Shibuyacrossing” on Society6!Check this out if you want.




let me know if you buy my goods!;)


It was sold at Society6,so I think buyer is from overseas.
I would be happy if you tell me that “bought it!”.

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If you are no problem, I’d like to introduce it by blog, Twitter, Story of Instagram:)





Goods creation request is also welcome


If you find a picture you like on Instagram, EyeEm, 500px or Twitter and etc(my social network&sites) you can contact me.I’ll make goods on photo goods creation service. Whether you actually buy or not buy, it is okay you decide when after you watch goods .
I’m pretty grateful for being a trigger as I make goods by your demand.



Also, please understand that it may be somewhat subtle depending on the combination of photos and goods LOL
(For example, if it is a smartphone cases, I have to fix it with a vertical composition(from landscape composition), so if I sometimes put it in practice it is not balanced… or I can’t creat some goods if it need more big size photo.)



check this out.Selling goods web service list is below:)




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Koukichi TakahashiTwitter常駐。ストックフォトグラファー/ブロガー。インスタグラム/Twitterを中心にSNSの新機能/アップデート最新情報を配信中!写真素材はEyeEm/Getty Images/イメージナビ/Adobe Stock/スナップマートなどで販売中です。その他各種製品本音レビュー掲載。Koukichi_T
Koukichi Takahashi Photography


I just created goods as "Rainy Night at Shibuyacrossing" on Society6!Check this out if you want.
I just created goods as “Rainy Night at Shibuyacrossing” on Society…
I'm selling this on  EyeEm  I uploaded "Rainy Night at Shibuyacrossing to Instagram.&n

スナップマート「ネスカフェ スティックコーヒー」アンバサダー募集開始!3000円相当の詰め合わせを貰って写真コンテスト受賞すれば賞金1万円!Snapmartストックフォト写真・副業・お小遣い稼ぎ 最新情報
(日本語) スナップマート「ネスカフェ スティックコーヒー」アンバサダー明日締切!3…
Sorry, this entry is only available in Japanese.

速報!Ricoh GR Ⅲ予約開始!価格は121,500円。3月下旬発売!公式ストアで予約開始済み。Ricoh GR最新情報2019
Ricoh GR Ⅲ pre-order start!!Ricoh GR 3 latest news 2019
※随時更新  Ricoh GR 3がいよいよ予約開始!公式ストアで予約受付中! GR III | RICOH IMAGING https://ricohimagingstore

もしソール・ライターが渋谷を写真撮影したら。「ソール・ライターに魅せられて。」Inspired by Saul Leiter - Shooted by Koukichi Takahashi at Shibuya
 noteに投稿したマガジン「ソール・ライターに魅せられて。」シリーズをこっちにもその他、海外向けに “if Saul Leiter visit Tokyo and shoot Sh

EyeEm Marketで写真1枚168ドルで売れました!フルライセンスでのご購入ありがとうございます!EyeEm販売履歴売上
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I'm selling this on Gettyimages | EyeEm  I sold photo that "robot is holding dead flower".

フォトグラファーKoukichi Takahashiフィルムカメラ オリンパストリップ35 Olympus Trip35
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フィルムカメラ使用の経緯と感じ  完全デジタル派だけど前からフィルムへのあこがれみたいなものが沸々と湧き上がっていて、ある時写ルンですを購入。その後現像前にOlympus

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