Instagram created @shop as new official account!Instagram latest news 2019
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インスタ公式が @shopというInstagramアカウントを開設!


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“My mom was my biggest influence,” says @cafune.official co-founder Queenie Fan. “Growing up, I would watch her coordinating prints and matching accessories…. It was fascinating.” As she got older, Queenie’s interest turned into a full-on obsession, with a focus on vintage Japanese streetwear and handbags. After graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design, she worked as an accessories designer in New York City. In 2015, she moved back to Hong Kong and partnered with a childhood friend, Day Lau, to launch Cafuné. “Some of our handbags are more unconventional with unique shapes. We worried that customers would find it difficult to understand.” Instead, Queenie happily reports, the unusual shapes became Cafuné’s best sellers.

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先日発表されたインスタ チェックアウトには対応してなさそう。(アメリカで現在テスト中なので対象外なだけとかあるかもだけど)


@shop Is Now Open – Instagram Info Center

インスタグラム公式ショップ(@ shop)アカウントが登場!新興ブランド、最新トレンド紹介、全投稿製品タグ付き、商品購入可能。Instagram最新ニュース速報2019
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On @shop, you’ll find emerging brands like Feel jeans, products like Glossier Play Colorslide, founders like KJ Miller and Amanda Johnson of Mented Cosmetics, and the latest trends… because one can never have too many statement barrettes.

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