My sold photograph from Getty images that was used for “10 cose da fare assolutamente a Tokyo” on COSMOPOLITAN!

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My sold photograph from Getty images that was used for “10 cose da fare assolutamente a Tokyo” on COSMOPOLITAN!

Thank you so much!!

if you need atmospheric Tokyo night stock images,
Check my pics on Getty images / EyeEm !!

and let me know if you have something demand;)







Written by a local, The Independent Guide to Tokyo 2017
your up to date travel guide in Tokyo – the most populated city in the world. With an immense amount of things to do, places to stay and places to eat, Tokyo is split into easy to understand sections in our guide.

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Koukichi Takahashi @Koukichi_T

Twitter常駐。ストックフォトグラファー/ブロガー。インスタグラム/Twitterを中心にSNSの新機能/アップデート最新情報を配信中!写真素材はEyeEm/Getty Images/イメージナビ/Adobe Stock/スナップマートなどで販売中です。その他各種製品本音レビュー掲載。

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