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I posted to Instagram DJI Mimo feature “My Story”‘s Template “Fresh” Example.DJI Osmo Pocket review 2019


I posted made a video with DJI Mimo’s My stories

DJI Mimo feature “My Story”‘s Template “Fresh” Example

Is not that something wrong? w Dynamic! I feel embarrassed as amazing or excelent, but I wonder if it is my imagination lol I feel embarrassed if I seem to put this character in my own w

You can easily make one movie simply by selecting photos and movies as templates that were originally prepared and replacing them.

Am I misunderstand what I call this “my story”, was I making a video so far (such as IGTV listed in the next clause) was just a video editing?
or not?


Video editing with DJI Mimo is overwhelmingly weak in relation to characters and titles.

Movie editing with DJI Osmo Pocket [DJI公式]’s DJI Mimo is overwhelmingly weak for letters and titles, so I want you to manage somehow.

Last time I joined Dell Ambassador 2nd Anniversary Thanks Party I took a photo and videos.I tried to edit them with only DJI Mimo. but it was difficult.
So I used アドビ Premiere Rush for just add title.



Well Premiere Rush is also hard to put title in a different meaning …


However, I like DJI Mimo relatively much and I am improving a lot with updating so I expect it in the future!

Koukichi Takahashi @Koukichi_T

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