SXSW2019で展示された写真は8枚だったぽい!EyeEm Mission「Humanity Meets Technology」by BCG。写真コンテスト受賞・展示履歴2019

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前回書いた記事でSXSW展示対象写真並べたけど実はもう一枚選ばれてたぽい! SXSW開催時点で…続きを読む

My photo is display at Berlin Travel Festival now!My Shibuya snowy night photo was selected one of winner of EyeEm Mission”An Eye For Travel” with Berlin Travle Festival!

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I’m selling this on EyeEm | Imagenavi     My Shibuya snowy night photo(Header image) was selec…続きを読む