I sold framed art print “Kabukicho at night”!and I introduce other goods as video in my blog stories!Google Amp Stories Sample in Japan

AMP STORIES Google Amp ストーリー Society6 Selling goods of your photography sevices and apps Stock Photo Site Sold Photos/Earnings

細かな情報はTwitterで配信してるのでお気軽にフォローどうぞ Koukichi Takahashi @Koukichi_TTwitter常駐。ストックフォトグラファー/ブロガー。インスタグラム/Twitterを中心に…続きを読む

Google Amp stories test inJapan.NEXT SEO 2019

AMP STORIES Diary Google Seo/Google Search Engine Optimization

I think Google Amp stories is hint of Next SEO. I am posting WordPress posts with WordPress plug-in “AMP Stori…続きを読む