My Sold pics on EyeEm Market/Gettyimages at Pay Day of May 2017

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By Koukichi Takahashi @Koukichi_T
Posted on 21:16 - 2017/05/24
Last Modified on 06:03 - 2017/08/15

I sold these pics at May 2017 on Gettyimages.12pcs(9 kinds in total)
I earned about $150 this month.
I had earned max is $350/month when around the time EyeEm market started…😬😂
Earnings is steadily down…😂

Many of my sold pics are old pics everytime.
New pics are not sold very much.😣
I guess, earnings is same now if I stop to upload new pics😂😩

This photograph was sold about 30 times ever and chaep amount($2~$5) on Gettyimages.

This photograph was sold about 10 times ever and high amount($20~$60) on Gettyimages.

This photograph of shibuya night was sold about 10 times ever and cheap amount($2~$10) on Gettyimages.

This photograph of shibuya night was sold 2 times ever on Gettyimages.
This pic was used for header image of news post by

This pics was sold first time on Gettyimages.

This pics was sold first time on Gettyimages.

This pics was sold first time on Gettyimages.

This pics was sold first time on Gettyimages.
This pic was used for header image of post “Nuts and Bolts – April 2017” by

This pics was sold first time on Gettyimages.

Koukichi Takahashi @Koukichi_T

Twitter常駐。ストックフォトグラファー/ブロガー。インスタグラム/Twitterを中心にSNSの新機/アップデート最新情報を配信中。写真素材EyeEm/Getty Images/イメージナビ/Adobe Stock/スナップートなどで販売中です。その他各種製品本音レビュー掲載


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